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Some friends were consistently raving about Secret Garden, telling us how great their massages were, how relaxed they were afterwards, etc, but we were always hesitant to go. I guess they sensed our hesitation, so when our anniversary came around, our friends surprised us with a Secret Garden Gift Certificate for a couples massage! From the time we arrived for our massages, until the time we left, we were truly pampered. Those ladies explained everything to us; took us to the same room so we could be massaged TOGETHER; gave us time alone to undress and get between the sheets, etc. Because it was our anniversary, the ladies at Secret Garden included a complementary (FREE) upper body hot stone service! Imagine my surprise when my husband, this relatively meek, shy man, asked the ladies to schedule another appointment for us two weeks hence. As you may have already guessed, we BOTH enjoy Secret Garden aromatherapy massages quite regularly now!   G&D   

Heard great things about this place from some friends before we even got to the island, and my husband and I are here to tell you that our experience was even better than either of us had anticipated! The staff was knowledgeable, kind, attentive, and very thorough. They made us feel comfortable and welcome, helped us pick out essential oils to suit each of our needs, let us know what to expect, took us to our room, and allowed us time to undress and get between the sheets. We got completely naked, which was kind of hot, but they said we could leave our underwear on at our discretion. When we were ready, the masseuses came in and gave us both heavenly, relaxing, first-class massages! I really can't find the words to convey to you how it felt! Afterward, we were left alone to get dressed, gather our belongings, and return to the front. They took the time to ask us how everything was and to make sure we were pleased; and we definitely were! We made another appointment for next month, upgrading to the 120-minute massages, and we absolutely cannot wait to go back! Thank you ladies for making our experience so wonderful!    A&R.

My wife and I had the opportunity to enjoy an amazing massage at your establishment today. I was stationed on Okinawa in 1974/75 at which time I enjoyed several massages. I always told my wife what great massages I got while on Okinawa. Recently we had the opportunity to come to Okinawa for a visit. I checked out massage salons on Okinawa Hai and Secret Garden Massage salon came up. I read the testimony from clients and was impressed at what I read. I also liked the fact that they did couples and spoke English. I booked an appointment for 90 minutes aroma therapy and deep tissue massage. My wife and I both get massages back home in West Virginia USA. But I can honestly say that our experience today was above and beyond our expectations. We were greeted by very professional therapists who sat down with us and mapped out our aches and pains, they also explained the different aromatic oils that were available to us. Outstanding service and I highly recommend to any who would like a great massage to contact Secret Garden Massage Salon.   CT & ET.

Our fantastic sponsor and her husband made our moving experience so very special--in addition to superbly executing all of the normal sponsorship duties, they treated us to an hour-long aromatherapy couple's massage at Secret Garden on our 4th night on Okinawa (SURPRISE)! My husband and I had had massages before, but no one ever gave us the service, attention, and treatment the ladies at Secret Garden gave us! They spoke English, made us feel welcome and comfortable, explained everything up front, and gave us the best massages we have ever had!   Our experience was ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL! We tried to pay, but our sponsor wouldn’t hear of it. In fact, she said her sponsor had done this for her and her husband when they first arrived, and that she was just passing on the favor. She said that they loved their experience so much, that they have been going back to Secret Garden almost every two weeks since their arrival. I heard that--my husband and I will be going back, that is for sure! M.   

My husband deploys fairly often, so I am left to manage everything by myself--with two children, this tends to be a bit stressful.  My sweet, thoughtful husband, thinking of me, bought me a couple of Secret Garden gift cerfiticates to use during his most recent deployment!  I didn't want to go alone so I invited along a girlfriend, whose husband was also deployed.  She graciously arranged a sitter for our kids and I paid for her massage with one of my gift certificates.   WE HAD THE BEST TIME!!!  Our entire time at Secret Garden was sssoooo relaxing--who doesn't love being pampered with a GREAT MASSAGE? Then we had a leisurely lunch at a little cafe afterwards.   Knowing our children were in good hands, relaxing and getting pampered at Secret Garden, then having lunch without having to cook or clean up, well those several hours were blissful for the both of us.  A few days later when I talked to my husband, he mentioned how happy I looked and sounded, compared to our conversations during his previous deployments--apparently the benefits of the massage lasted much longer than just the 90 minutes I was at Secret Garden, giving both of us a great feeling!  The day after his return, he completely surprised me with a Secret Garden couple's massage he had arranged while he was still deployed--he led me to believe we were going to the Camp Foster Commissary, so it brought a big smile to my face when he turned into Secret Garden!  If you need to relax, Secret Garden is the place to go!  L.

My husband and I want to thank our most thoughtful friends for introducing us to Secret Garden!  Secret Garden was, and is, EVERYTHING you guys said it would be!  We absolutely LOVE IT there!  We want everyone to know about the wonderful massages we received from the super ladies there--we could not be more pleased!   H & W.

Secret Garden is the place for us! I have been getting massages at various places since shortly after we arrived on island. My husband joined me a couple of times, but was never really pleased. A friend of his suggested Secret Garden. My husband set up a couple’s appointment and we went last week. He loved it! I loved it! Their service was far, far better than any other place we tried! Their staff was friendly and professional! And, we got our couple’s massages in the same room at the same time! We can’t wait to go back again!    E.

Having been here for a little over a year now, we have seen many of the sights Okinawa has to offer.  My wife said she wanted to do something different for a change; just the two of us, without the kids.  A coworker recommended Secret Garden to me so I made a couple's appointment.  I wasn't sure if my wife would even like it, but as it turned out, SHE LOVED IT!!!  WE LOVED IT!!!  I thought getting a 2-hour massage in the same room at the same time was pretty darn nice, but it must have been a real turn-on for my wife, because when we got home, she made love to me like she hasn't done for a long, long, long time!  Afterward, I hinted that the massage must have made her "happy".  She threw her arms around me me, kissed me long and deep, then intimated, 'Take me there again if you want to find out.'  Oh, we are DEFINITELY going back!!!  S.

Our experience was like a magnificent dream!   We go back 2-3 times every month now!   Beth

In our 24+ years of traveling the world, my husband and I agree that Secret Garden massages truly are heads and shoulders above the massages we received at any of the myriad of other massage places we frequented!  Our hats are off to the fine ladies of Secret Garden!    J & M.

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing massage and facial I received on Sunday!  My boyfriend and I felt so wonderful after it was done.  I don't think I have ever been to such a beautiful place to get a massage.  It was nice, clean, relaxing, just a beautiful feel about it.  Thank you very much and we have already booked our next appointment next month!   K.W.

I could just kick myself!   My wife and I lived on Okinawa for 3 years, but didn't find out about Secret Garden until after our hectic TMO pack out and housing inspection.  Our massages were absolutely HEAVEN!!!  Of course, we fly in 4 days so we won't be able to enjoy Secret Garden much longer.  We were able to set up another appointment for the evening before we fly, but that will be our last chance--we are really, really going to miss this place!  Learn from our mistake and DON'T wait until the week before you leave to discover 'a little bit of heaven' on Okinawa!   Tom.

Exceptional massage!   Super service!  So very relaxing!  Coming back with my husband next week!   Jen--a woman of few words.

A friend gave me a Gift Certificate to Secret Garden.    I went.    I LOVED IT!!!    It was THE BEST -- so much better than any massage I'd ever gotten in my life!    I then made a couple's appointment so I could spend some quality time relaxing with my husband.   He loved it too!!!   I believe his exact words were, "Honey, that was wonderful!   After the week I just had, I really, really needed that!    I felt so comfortable and relaxed during the massage and I now I feel so energetic again--LET'S GO DANCING! (and we did)  Haven't seen him like this in a long, long time!  If you've never been to Secret Garden, we highly recommend you give 'em a try!!!   Kat

My parents stayed with us for the birth of our first child.    My husband and I took them to Secret Garden so they could get massages while my husband and I got our weekly massages (as I am pregnant, I get the prenatal massage while my husband gets the Full-Body Massage--same length of time so it works out great for us). Anyway, my parents had the best time!    Said it was unlike any massage they had ever gotten before and it was kind of romantic!    I told them, "That's why my husband and I go almost every week!"    L.S.

If it is possible, I love your NEW Secret Garden even more than your previous Secret Garden!    What a BEAUTIFUL PLACE!!!    And I love that you are so close by because now I can get a massage whenever I want!   It only takes me about 6 minutes to get to your place from Kadena Gate 2.   ( I am almost jealous that you are so close to Camp Foster--only about 1 minute from the Foster PX Gate. )  Of all the massages I have gotten at a variety of places around the world, your massages are POSITIVELY THE BEST!  Thank You So Much!!!   Jenn

Thank you for your recommendation, K.S.!   We tried Secret Garden and we absolutely agree with you, WE LOVED IT!   Secret Garden is a first-class, 5-Star massage salon!   J'n'K

My husband and I have tried most other massage places, but only Secret Garden has earned our 5-Star rating!    Their massage therapists are thorough, attentive, kind, accommodating, personable, and professional.    Their prices are very reasonable--lower than most--and their discount stamp cards fill up much faster and are worth a full 25% off a subsequent visit.    And don't worry about any language barrier because Ms. Miyuki speaks almost perfect English.    We definitely love Secret Garden, and you will too!  K.S.

A friend told me she ALWAYS gets a massage just before she goes TDY because it super relaxes her so she can sleep on the plane, making her flights to the US go by quicker.    Then, as soon as she returns to Okinawa, she gets another massage to alleviate the stresses of return travel.    So, the afternoon before I went TDY recently, my wife and I got a couple's massage.    We loved it!    Not only was my friend right about making my TDY flight go by faster and more relaxing, but my wife was extremely pleased that I 'romanced' her right before I left--and again right after I got back.    Who would have thought a couples massage would be so therapeutic and such a romantic turn-on at the same time?   Mark

We PCS'd to Okinawa recently and were lucky enough to get right into a house. Because we packed out nearly three months earlier, our household goods were on Okinawa when we arrived, so within a few days we were unpacking and getting settled. About the time we were nearing exhaustion from the travel, car shopping, checking in, moving into our new quarters, unpacking, etc, our sponsor and his wife came by and gave us gift certificates for a couples massage at Secret Garden. They said they go there often and thought we would love it and a break from the stresses of PCSing. We were quite surprised and happy--we have moved several times, but never had a sponsor this thoughtful! We called for an appointment and were lucky enough to get in the very next evening. We printed Secret Garden's map, followed it on our first off-base driving adventure together, and drove right to the salon. Everything about the salon was perfect and the therapists were fantastic. They told us what to expect and really made us feel right at home. Ahhh, but their massages were ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! Stress relieving, soothing, and relaxing for both of us! What a wonderful and considerate gift to give--we thanked our sponsor and his wife profusely! Not only will we be frequenting Secret Garden often during our tour, but we'll be giving out Secret Garden gift certificates to all of the families we sponsor.   R & J

Oh what a TRULY HEAVENLY couples massage experience my husband and I had at Secret Garden!  We're definitely hooked on Secret Garden!  L.M., Kadena

Never before have I written a testimonial for anyone, but this time I feel compelled to tell others of the fantastic massages my wife and I enjoyed at Secret Garden. To begin with, my wife has been going to Secret Garden twice a month for the past 15 months, and each time she would describe for me, in great detail, how her massage went, what essential oil was used, etc. Her descriptions made me genuinely jealous, for Secret Garden did not massage men! Last week my wife received e-mail advising her that Secret Garden services were being expanded to allow couples, in addition to women, but my wife kept that tidbit of information to herself, at least temporarily. On Saturday afternoon, we went for a drive--my wife at the wheel. We browsed our way through a couple of small shops here and there, something we often do on weekends. I was confused, however, when she parked at Secret Garden and invited me inside. When we got inside, my wife told me WE were getting massages together! I couldn't believe it! My massage was absolutely SUPERB! Actually, the experience and result were beyond words! It was every bit as perfect, thorough and accommodating as those my wife had described to me many times! And for my wife and me to be getting massages side-by-side simultaneously was extraordinary! As some indication of just how fantastic the whole massage experience was, before we left, I made OUR next reservation!   Tom

I would like to share with you my wonderful experiences at the Secret Garden (of rejuvenation as I like to recall it). When I entered the room I felt very comfortable the decor and smell of the room made me relax instantly. When I met Miyuki I knew I was in for a wonderful treat, she was very professional, knowledgeable and spoke perfect English. My massage was amazing, I fell asleep every time and woke feeling relaxed and spiritually strong. Miyuki is very strong and thoughtful in her therapy, I always felt like she was taking my muscles, giving them a cuddle and putting them back nicely. I would encourage anyone who has the chance to visit her and receive therapy to do so. I unfortunately am no longer in Okinawa, I miss two things Miyuki and diving. She even made me a wonderful bottle of oil to take away. Her knowledge of herbs and plants will blow your mind. Thank you for your time. Now call Miyuki!!!    Sherrie McCorriston

OMG!  What a SUPER massage!  I actually relaxed ssssooooo much that I fell asleep during my massage!  I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed.  Moreover, I now feel so refreshed and energetic!  Worth every penny!   Julie, Kadena.

I used to think all massage places were the same; NOT TRUE!!!  At Secret Garden, I received personalized service at a PRIVATE massage salon that was established FOR WOMEN ONLY.  Moreover, I received THE BEST MASSAGE I have ever gotten anywhere!  I'm only sorry that I wasted so much time and money being disappointed at other massage places.  Yes, Secret Garden is a little further away from base than many other massage places, but I can tell you unequivocally that Secret Garden is well worth the drive!  I'll never go anywhere else!  Try it, and you will be SOLD TOO!!!  Mrs. G. B., Kadena AFB.

Wow! Your in-home service is a God-send! With small children at home, it was always impossible to run personal errands during the day. With your in-home service, I was able to get my massage while my children were down for their naps. No babysitter required. No interruptions. No worries. Just a great, rejuvenating, relaxing massage in the comfort of my own home! Miyuki, I will see you weekly from now until we rotate; I don't know what I will do after that! A.W., Okinawa City.

I have been trying to think of the perfect words to say 'thank you' for my perfect massage, but I can't seem to come up with the right blend of words the way you so skillfully blended the scents together.  So I'm just going to have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing experience!  K.B., Foster MCB.

I tried every massage place on Okinawa, but none can compare to Secret Garden.   Not only are Secret Garden's massages the BEST on Okinawa, but the salon and hospitality are far superior to that of any competitor!  Miyuki really knows how to treat customers!  B.T., Camp Lester.

The Navy doctors prescribed several different kinds of medication for pains, a sleeping disorder, and stress relief, but pills only provided slow-acting, temporary relief and I had to take most of them 2 and 3 times a day, as required.  A friend told me about the wonderful aromatherapy massages she received at Secret Garden and how Ms. Miyuki had helped her find relief without pills.  I admit I was a bit skeptical, but my skepticism was gone before my first massage was complete--the massage relaxed me so much that I actually fell asleep during my massage!  I slept better that night than I had in years!  And the next night was equally peaceful.  Since then I have had weekly appointments at Secret Garden and my overall health has improved dramatically--I very rarely take pills any more.  I actually have energy again!  Oh, I still have an occasional headache (who doesn't), but I sleep through the nights, stress doesn't seem to bother me anymore, and (this is the part that makes my husband VERY HAPPY) my libido has increased significantly!  Thank you ssssoooooo  much, Miyuki!  R.M., Camp Courtney.

Miyuki-san,  Your salon, the aromas, the massage, and your professionalism were such a welcome addition to my visit to Okinawa.  You have a talent in providing exactly what your client needs at a reasonable cost and so personally.  I hope to return one day and see you again!  F.C., Sasebo, Japan.

I am so glad my friend turned me on to Secret Garden.  Finally, an extremely clean massage salon where I enjoyed my privacy and an almost magical aromatherapy massage from your hands.  Never before was I so completely comfortable that I fell asleep during a massage.  And, I awoke feeling totally refreshed.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I will be back every week for another massage.  J.C., Kadena AFB

Miyuki, I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at your salon.  You relaxed me with your total aromatherapy massage and whisked the stress from my body.  I think it is the best money I ever spent on myself and I will continue to be a Secret Garden patron.  Thanks.  Maxine, Kadena AFB

You are simply the BEST, Miyuki!  Thank you.  A.T., Kadena AFB

I think I tried every other massage place on Okinawa before finding Secret Garden.  Ahh, my search is over--Secret Garden is the place for me.  The ambiance is great and the massages are the best.  I will call you for an appointment as soon as I return from summer vacation.  M.N., DoDDS Teacher

Although Secret Garden is a little out of the way, a Secret Garden massage is well worth the drive.  Having a manicure makes my hands look good, but getting one of your facial and full body massages makes my whole body feel great.  See you again next Wednesday.  C.R., Plaza Housing

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