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Now Offering! IN-UR-HOME Massages Mon-Fri (except Wed)
10:30 AM ~ 2:00 PM

We can only provide in-home services off-base, limited to residences reasonably close to Secret Garden (e.g., Okinawa City, Chatan, Kadena Town, Ginowan, parts of Yomitan and Uruma City, and other residences close to Secret Garden). If you are unsure, please ask us.

The following stipulations apply:We will only offer the following four menu items:

90-minute Full Body Massage

Single    ¥12,000
Couple  ¥22,000

120-minute Full Body Massage

Single     ¥14,000
Couple   ¥26,000

NOTE: We cannot offer facials as part of our in-home services.

Sorry, but for in-home services, we cannot offer any discounts (e.g., full-point-card, birthday, or frequent-visitor). However, we will still provide point cards that can be redeemed on future in-salon visits.

As always, our services are available to ladies and couples only.

Because of the travel time and additional set-up time required, the number of clients we can accommodate will be drastically reduced, so please text or call 090-1940-3660 ASAP to make an appointment. We will need to know your address or you can send us a pin.  Sorry, but we CANNOT make appointments via e-mail.

Before we arrive, please arrange:

1. One parking space for us to park.

2. Enough space in your home to set up either 1 or 2 massage tables, depending on whether it will be a single or couples massage.

3. Bathroom access.

4. If you have indoor pets, please secure them in another room.

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